Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Father and son

So cute after bathtime together! They still look identical, don't they?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

First Birthday Party

We had 58 people stop by at some point during the three hour party. It was so fun!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Dorian!

Crockbaby is 1 year old. 1 year old!!!!! Can you believe it? Happy Birthday, Dori-boy!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Early birthday present

Dorian has his first ear infection...just in time for his first birthday! We had a horrendous night last night - screaming, body rigid, back arching, refusing to nurse (you know something must be wrong when that boy turns down the boobie!) We took him to the doctor today and sure enough, Little Mister Man has his very first ear infection. He got antibiotics and should start feeling better in the next day or so. So sad, so sad. I hate to think of him in pain.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Baby for one more week

I can't believe it. My beautiful little baby is almost a, well, non-baby. I suppose toddler would be the word. This year has gone by so fast, it's unreal. And yet, James and I were watching my labor video and videos of Dori as a tiny newborn and both agreed those days feel like years ago! Strange. You do get in this odd time-warp when you become parents. What a year it's been.

Dori is all about walking at the moment, though he hasn't really walked much on his own since we took the video last week. He will walk along the wall and then walk 2-3 steps to get to the next bit of wall or piece of furniture. He usually crawls though. We keep trying to get him to walk between us like he did last week but he tries to hold our hands instead and throws a temper tantrum when we won't do what he wants. He's been throwing a lot of those lately. They are very cute, though I'm sure they'll get old real fast! He sure knows how to manipulate James and I now. He sometimes falls over and looks around to see if we're watching - if we are, he cries. If we aren't, he gets on with his business. It is hilarious.

He has had so many activities with other kids lately...parties, playdates, classes at Gymboree every day. He is definitely a leader at Gymboree and the first one to the toys and teacher every time. He "sings" along to all the songs and is so confident in everything he does. Those classes have been amazing for him. He is really developing into a little person. A little person who also happens to be a bully...he keeps pulling other kids' hair and grabbing toys out of their hands! I swear, he and this other baby got in a fight today. It was so funny! They were taking turns pulling each other's hair, kicking, slapping.

He has yet to say his first real word...I was convinced it was "more" a couple months ago, but he hasn't really used it since that week so I don't think we claim that as his first word anymore. He does say Mama and Dada and mean James and I though so I guess those are technically his first words. I swear he said "Dog" the other day when a dog walked passed us. And today, he called me something no child should ever call his mother, at least not until he becomes a teenager. I was putting him into his stroller for the second time in an hour and he wasn't happy about it. He looked straight at me and I swear he said "Bitch." I laughed so hard I really thought I was going to faint from not breathing for so long.

It is exhausting taking care of him, but I can't remember the last time I laughed this much on a consistent basis. He is at such a fun age!!! I love the newborn age (so magical) but I definitely think this is a close second. He is just so interactive and funny.

And now, some pics of course...

Walking Dada.
Walking Mama.
Talking to Stella.
Hanging with his Gymboree pals.
Talking together.
Well, he talks, they listen.
Told you he's a bully - he stole ALL the hoops!
Monkey boy.
Happy, always happy at Gymboree (I swear I don't work for them; they've just been so great for Dori!)
What next?
When in doubt, always look in a bucket.
Rolling the log - his fave!
Very posed (his doing).
This could get nasty!
Luckily, it didn't.
My favorite, of course.