Thursday, August 12, 2010

Things Dorian Says...

August 4-12, 2010

*We got a glimpse into Dori's mind one morning this week. He was whining like crazy, shouting "no," you know, the usual toddler business. I pointed my finger at him and said, "Dorian, it is not okay to talk to Mama and Daddy like this." He responded, "This is like a game." Cheeky!!!!!

*Dorian started preschool this week. On his third day, I was going to take him for my first time. Over breakfast, I asked him if I could stay for circle time, or if I should just drop him off. He responded, "Just go, Mama, I'm a big boy now."

*We woke up one morning and Dorian said to me, "How about we let Daddy sleep? Let's close the door." Then, when James was awake, Dorian said, "Where's Daddy's coffee?" as I was making coffee for myself. Those boys are thick as thieves.

*Two hours into the Monterey Celtic Festival last weekend (James' band was playing), Dorian said, "I don't like this festival. It's boring and I'm cold," so he and I spent the rest of the day at our Salinas motel. All throughout the day, Dorian said, "I want to go home now," repeatedly and sullenly. He totally dissed his Scottish roots (and acted like a teen). Dorian and I headed back to Oakland a day early. What a wasted trip...I guess this was payback for all the trips my brother and I tried to ruin for my parents. Karma, eh?

*Yesterday, Dorian was looking at one of my bras and said, "Look, there's Mama's pretty boobie bra! Where's Dori's big boy bra?"

*Dorian said, "Look at my penis!" I said, "Yes, there's your penis. Does Mama have a penis?" Dorian responded, "No, Mama has a tail!"

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh no...

He's definitely got my genes. He does this all the time (Mom says I used to as well). I am an extreme Type A/perfectionist/over-achiever in case you didn't know. I am so sorry, Dorian!!!!!Please note that not only are the vehicles perfectly lined up, but he sorted them by type and size.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010


No one can accuse us of not raising a happy child...

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Remember all our sleep posts? We're still not sleeping here. He was doing a lot better, but regresses constantly. He really does have great weeks where he will sleep 12 hours a night! But there always seems to be regression after regression after regression and then a huge battle/challenge to get him back to sleeping through the night. (I know some regressions are normal, obviously, with growing bodies and constant changes - but this kid DEFINITELY has more regressions than any other child I know.) We are exhausted. I seriously think I might die today. But enough of the moaning. Sorry. I'm happy really, just so #$&*@#% tired.*

I just don't understand how at almost-3, he still doesn't sleep. I don't nurse him anymore. He's potty-trained. No medical issues. He sleeps in his room now. We have double curtains up on the windows. But he's back to waking crazy early!!!! And doesn't nap. Ever. So he gets these cranky spells in the afternoon, sometimes so horrendous that he'll throw temper tantrums on the floor of stores (ask my poor, poor dad!) And he ends up going to bed at 6pm most nights. He wakes at 5am (or earlier) regardless, so he MUST go to bed early so he can at least get 11 hours of sleep. Some nights he wakes during the night several times, usually the nights when James is on tour - lucky me.

We've tried everything, short of shipping him off to a specialized sleep camp (they must exist, surely?)...this kid just refuses to be a sleeper. I am so tired, so very, very tired. I can't wait to get a job. It's easier to be tired and go to work during the day, than to be tired and stay home with the very "thing" that makes you so tired, you know what I mean? Particularly when there are temper-tantrums involved.

I can't believe my kid is almost-3 and still doesn't sleep. This is the best birth control ever, I swear.

*Note: He is still the most perfect child to ever exist. Sleep is his only issue. But boy, does it seem to cloud everything some days!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Things Dorian Says...

July 27-August 3, 2010

*While at the park, Dorian looked at graffiti on the toilet wall and said, "Look! Letters. It says 'go pee-pee now.'"

*Kelly got him all set up on the couch with cereal and "Caillou," then he asked for fruit. Kelly replied, "I need to get in the shower, as soon as I get out, I'll bring you some fruit." When Kelly got out of the shower and came back into the living room, Dorian threw up his arms and said, "Where's the fruit already?!"

*Kelly gave Dorian a sticker & said, "What is it?" Dorian said, "You figure it out, Mama."

*Dorian to James, "You have to go big poopoo too, Daddy?"

*Kelly answered the phone and said, "Hey." Dorian, in the other room, obviously thinking she was talking to him, shouted, "What's up?"

Sunday, August 1, 2010

We're back!!!

Hello!!!!!! It has been a long time - almost 6 months - but I am determined to start blogging again...this blog has so many beautiful memories written, imaged (is that a word?), and shared. And Dorian is just so gosh darn cute...I'd hate to feel I didn't record some of his most "precious moments" somewhere. Sorry for the long hiatus. Nursing school was really challenging at times, but we did it and I graduated with high honors. :) For now, we are taking the summer to reconnect, relax, and yes, search for jobs. I am still determined to find a nursing position in Women & Infants (labor & delivery, postpartum, NICU, antepartum or wellbaby nursery) in the Bay Area. It is still a really horrible job market for new grads in the Bay Area, but we are hoping it will change by mid-fall. Otherwise, we will start having to look outside of the area in earnest. James is still playing lead guitar with Tempest - in fact, they are currently gigging in Washington at the moment. Dorian starts preschool next week! Life is changing around here, but we're all still happy, healthy and smart (we think). I will write in more depth really soon, but for now, I'll leave you with a few pictures...

The Family


Daddy and Dori, reunited after the Tempest spring tour

Mama and Dori Love

James, enjoying the California summer

Kelly, relaxed at last