Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dori's First Story

Dori anxiously tries to type whenever he is near a computer. A couple weeks ago, I finally allowed him to use the keyboard...he certainly had a lot to tell us! Unfortunately, I couldn't understand a word. In desperation, I turned to my friends and baby-language readers Anastasia and Emily for assistance. They translated Mather's first words last year so I begged them for their help. They grudgingly obliged:

C >6t
Children are better than 60-year-0lds.

z1"< J:
My onesies are smaller than jammies.

fjjjjj56m yyyyyyyu mn hnb ji 9mlllllllllllllllllll
Snoozing 56 minutes, you may have to bear just nine minutes of crying.

omdnt bdmfra hhhhhhhhhhhxcv fcad
Oh my, don’t be so hella stressed cause family can always deliver. . .

Awzeszd uygbfbvzzzz chhhhhhhhhhhhhh ggg
awesome yoga, breakfast in bed, sleep and chai eggnogg

Dori's New Trick

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Reunion

Yeah, that's my Daddy and I'm proud of him!
Kissy kissy.
So much to talk about!
I'm not so sure about mashed banana.
I like water from my sippy cup though!
Who does this guy think he is? I don't see any milk.
Daddy gives me the best baths!
I can't understand this bloody accent reading my bedtime stories!
Photo Op.
With Mama too.
Aren't I the cutest?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

home at last

After 3 weeks, 15 gigs and countless miles we made it back from our tour. Of course, I love playing with the band but towards the end I was really excited to see little D again. I've been checking the blog, phoning and emailing daily and it was starting to seem like he'd grown into a toddler in three weeks! By all accounts he was rolling over, happily lying on his stomach, crawling, saying 'mamma', growing blonde hair and suddenly too big for his clothes and diapers! I'm glad the tour wasn't longer or I might have missed his graduation.

So, when I did return I was so pleased that he looked and acted pretty much exactly as he had when I left. I was even happier that he remembered me. He smiled right at me when I walked through the door and when I took him from Kel he put his hands around my neck and gave me a kiss/ chin suck. My tickling-under-his-chin trick still made him giggle and as soon as I strummed the guitar he looked round and beamed. Bliss.

The main changes I notice are that he can flip himself over and he grabs at things with a real purpose now - toys, computers, chest hair.

Kelly did an amazing job of looking after him solo while I was away. She deserves a break and today she gets it! She's gone to work for the day and is leaving Dorian for by far the longest stretch yet : 11 hours! Kel - if you're reading this at work, Dorian just said 'Dada' and has learnt to moonwalk.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

1 more day!

James comes home tomorrow night...YAY!!!!! He's ready. I'm ready. Dorian's ready. It's time. Dorian has a cold right now. I have a very busy week ahead of me. I start a pre-nursing review class tomorrow, which will meet Monday and Tuesdsay afternoons for one month. I still don't know if I have been accepted into nursing school for the fall, but I figure a review class will be good for me either way. I miss school! I will also be working a lot this week, both at home and at the office, to make up for the lack of work I have done over the past few weeks. I tried to get some done in the evenings once Dorian had gone to sleep, but most days I was too wiped out to do so. I will be leaving Dorian with James, my dad, and our friend Cindy this week. One day I will be leaving him for 10 hours!!! This will be the longest Dori and I have ever been separated, by far. I'm terrified! But I think I'll just need to not call home and check in because if I hear him crying, I won't be able to handle it. We also plan to introduce solid foods this week! Lots of new, exciting stuff. James will get right back into teaching and preparing for Tempest's annual music festival, which is in less than 2 weeks. Dori and I will be going too so if anyone wants to go, let me know!

Recap of this past week:

Dori is now pulling his hat off. He is saying not only "Mom" all the time but "Dada!" He said "Hiya" to me the other day. I swear...he took a nap and I heard him wake up. I went into his room and he looked right at me, smiled, and said "Hiya." No one believes me. He is singing! I put our baby CDs on and he sings with them! (More like shouting.) He talks all the time. He keeps grabbing my hair, pulling on it really hard from both sides while chomping down on my chin. Not sure what this is about. He is consistently going about 2-3 hours without food. He has not been sleeping well at night, no long stretches, but he does have a cold. Last night he kept screaming after coughing. Poor little guy. He seemed fine today though.

Anyway, 'nuff talking, here's what you visit the blog for:

I brought the playpen out this week. Dorian loves playing in it.
We took my Grandma to an appointment - any excuse for her to see Dori. She is in love with him.
Of course, Dori is usually more interested in putting things in his mouth than interacting with people. This is changing though. He always gives a big smile to anyone who starts talking to him.
Swinging in the same swings Mama did as a baby!
I lay him down on his back on the far side of the playmat (by the toys). I went into the other room for one minute and he had gotten this far!!! This is like 3 or 4 rolls! Mobile baby.
Loving Grandma's Half-Birthday Present.
Really loving it.
He can now lift his playmat up. He grunts and strains, just like an adult lifting up something really heavy. It's very cute.
Allowing me to take him out in the stroller again now! And napping in it too. Yay!
Chilling in the driveway with the dogs and motorcycles as Grandpa does some work.
Beautiful sleeping boy.
On Saturday, we visited my friend Emily, her husband Dan and their daughter Mather who is 18 months old. It made me very excited for the toddler years. Mather is as cute as they come (visit her here).
Playing music with Grandma. She better not be teaching him bluegrass!Next blog will include sappy-sweet pictures of Dori reunited with his Daddy! Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Look Back at Mama & Dori

It's only fair! Sorry for the numerous pictures you've seen before and the pregnancy photos. I still can't find the amount of pictures to show you as you saw in the "A Look Back at Daddy & Dori" post! You can tell who the photographer is in this household. There are not even half the photos of Dori and I as there are of Dori and his Daddy. James, take note. I want more pictures of me and my boy. The hundreds of photos of me with my boobs out over the past 6 months don't count.