Friday, November 28, 2008

Good Week

Playdates, Gymboree classes, trips to the park, visit to Grandma at work, being introduced to Sesame Street and Teletubbies, Thanksgiving dinner, celebrating Daddy's birthday. It's a hard life.

Playdate with his friend Rowan.
Dorian listens while Rowan plays a song.
Look at the dog sat next to him. So cute ("Dog, dog!!!!")
His fave toy at Gymboree - a red phone. James thinks maybe it's because my cell phone is red.
Parachute time.
Rolling the airlog.
Swinging with Rowan.
Boys and sand.
Eating time again.
Visit to Grandma's work - notice the model brain in his hand.
I love the next 3 the interaction between Dori and Leah (my high school friend Jessi's baby). First, they play together.
Next, Dori steals the toy.
Leah cries.
Gymbo time with the teacher.
Mirror time with Rohm.
Dori stuck his finger up Rohm's nose.
Sesame Street...he loved it! We never let him watch TV.
4 generations at Thanksgiving dinner (at Spenger's Restaurant - we don't do cooking in this family).
Drinking at the bar with Daddy.
We pulled his mattress out of the crib, thinking maybe he'd sleep better in a different room. No luck. He loved playing on it though!
Happy swinging boy!
Best face ever!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Dorian's favorite word is "Dog." He loves Stella, my childhood dog, so much. He says, "Dog, dog" whenever he sees her and reaches out for her. She's not that interested. My parents are going to get a second dog, a black lab puppy, by the end of the year. It will be nice to have a puppy grow up with Dorian. My brother loves dogs too so Uncle Kurt and Baby Dori finally have something to bond over. It's very sweet to see my brother interacting with his nephew.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Boy!

***Very-long-video warning*** - D's so cute and happy I didn't want to edit any of it out. This was was pre-walking; he's even happier now!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Not a good time for broken cameras!

So much has happened this week! Dorian is walking. He is talking (he says "Mama," "Dada," "Dog," "Duck" and "Book"). He is changing by the second! Our digital camera broke so we're using our very old digital camera until we get a new one. Please excuse the poor quality. We took some videos but they have been uploading to the computer for over 24 hours - for some reason, the process is taking forever.

But anyway, look, Dori's walking!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


It was well over a month ago that Dorian started walking (October 1st, to be exact). We were sure he'd be walking on his own consistently after the day we took the walking video you all viewed. But three colds, an ear infection, teething (the big molars!) and major sleep issues slowed him down. He certainly kept walking between us (when we encouraged him) and occasionally took a few steps on his own, but nothing major. Mostly, we've spent the past two months walking him around while holding on to his hands - exhausting and painful for our backs.

Everything changed yesterday...Dorian woke up and obviously decided it was going to be the day. Seriously, he got out of bed and just started walking. He was off! He's doing it! He's walking from one end of the house to the other. He's walking on the sidewalk. He's turning and walking in the other direction. He keeps startling us - we leave him playing in his bedroom and the next thing we know, he's standing behind us in the kitchen. He's trying to run. He's desperately trying to stand up from a seated position (still needs to pull himself up on something in order to stand). He's a toddler!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Music Critic

Dorian loves music. My father and James both play the guitar and mandolin to him and Dori becomes absolutely mesmerized. Sometimes he tries to help them play; other times he just sits back and listens for long stretches of time. James gave Dorian a cheap mandolin to play around with in his playroom. It sits on the floor by his Casio keyboard, toy piano, bongo drum, toy drums, recorder, train whistle, shakers, tambourines, Bose stereo, CD collection and songbooks. Yes, Dorian is probably the most spoiled boy in Oakland and will most likely end up becoming a musician.

James was out of town this week-end. Sunday morning, Dorian dragged the mandolin across the floor to me and shoved it into my lap. He obviously wanted me to play for him. I can not play stringed instruments. James tried to teach me guitar a couple times, but it hurt my delicate, lady-like fingers too much and I decided I'd rather have soft hands than play guitar. So I gave up. Anyway, I didn't think Dorian would care. I picked up the mandolin and started strumming away. He was NOT happy. He kept making his "UNH, MMMMMMM" sounds (he makes these whenever he really wants something, like food we are eating, a story read, etc). I kept trying to play and he kept making his noises, hitting my knee, and eventually throwing a temper-tantrum! It was the funniest thing ever!!!!! Luckily, Grandpa was home that day and played for him. Thank goodness. I hate to deprive Dorian of anything he wants.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What Crockbaby Did on Election Day...

Rode his new scoot-about while naked (one of James' guitar students gave Dorian this for his birthday).
Dismounted from the bike on his own. Clever boy!
Ate his favorite breakfast - whole wheat toast with blackberry jam.
Always incredulous that Daddy can take much bigger bites of toast than he can.
Waited in line with Mama, Daddy and Stella (the dog) so Mama could vote.
Went down the slide with Mama.
Walked on the dangerous ledge with Daddy (always!)
Walked on the safe ground with Mama (of course).
Chased leaves.
Went in his stroller for the rest of the day (while Mama walked around with a "No on Prop 8 sign").
Poor little fellow - probably not the most fun day for him but his Mama felt she had to do her part for Prop 8 (or against it rather). Mama did stop at a couple parks to let Dori stretch his legs, and she watched as he WOLFED down a whole grilled cheese sandwich, fruit salad and cup of juice! We're talking BIG KID portions. He's never eaten so much at once in his life! We think he's had a growth spurt this week. He woke up today with yet another cold. This is like the 4th one in a month. Poor baby (I can still call him that right?). Still, it is so exciting he will have a great man as president for what will hopefully be half his childhood!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Crockbaby endorses...

A very serious issue; even Dorian realizes this.
The man.
I won't actually write anything regarding politics on Dorian's blog (but please check out my blog for new postings on my issues with Prop 8 supporters - I just had to post these pictures though. Hope you guys don't mind. Surely Dorian is cute enough to help sway some voters?