Tuesday, August 11, 2009


So, I've introduced a new rule at home : Daddy doesn't get out of bed until 6:00am. It's not just for my benefit; I'm trying to get Dori to sleep a little more (though life is vastly different to a few months ago). Anyway, yesterday Dori was out of bed, pulling at my hand and saying 'eat, eat' at 5:30. I explained to him that morning doesn't start until 6am and showed him our bedside clock. After half an hour of him desperately trying to get breakfast started, I pointed at the clock, told him it was morning, opened the curtains and started breakfast. This morning Dori woke at 5:00am and needed the potty. I led him back to our bed, but expected him to want to play or eat. He tossed and turned a bit, but didn't make any sound. I heard him wake up at 5:45, but he didn't do anything. After a while he jumped out of bed and started shouting 'eat, eat'. The digital clock said 6:00 exactly! Coincidence I thought. So I lay there, stretching and trying to wake up. Suddenly Dori got very aggitated, started shouting, ran over to the clock and pointed at the numbers. It had turned to 6:01 and he'd missed a minute of the day!


Kelly said...

I should mention for our readers that it is a digital clock...he is such a smart boy!!!!

Grankka said...

He also loves some of our tee shirts "letters!" We can almost hear the synapses firing in his brain.