Thursday, May 29, 2008


I think Dori will be walking in a few months. He's got standing up down pat. He is on the verge of crawling too - we think by the end of this week. He's into everything at the moment. He grabs and reaches and strains to get whatever fascinates him. If he is sitting near a cabinet or shelf, he can now pull himself up into a standing position. We're going to have to childproof the house sooner rather than later. We did adjust his crib to the lowest position this week. He laughs all the time and is constantly sticking his tongue out and making raspberry noises at us. He loves, loves, loves music. James can do no wrong when he has a guitar in his hands. I played piano the other day and Dori was in awe. (So was I that my piano came flooding back!) He loves playing his toy piano and he can now stand up and play it without us holding on to him.

We are doing sleep training again (for like, the fifth time). Every time we have started to do it, Dori got a cold or diarrhea or was teething or we went on a trip or something came up. We did it last night and he cried for an hour straight, two times. This was hell for me, as I'm sure you can imagine. A few other times he woke up and cried but fell back to sleep within a few minutes. I fed him once, about halfway through the night. He was in an okay mood when he woke up this morning, a little fussy, but not too bad. He took two 2 hour naps today though! He fell asleep really easily tonight as well. Progress? We'll see how tonight goes. I'm not getting my hopes up. He'll probably come down with a bug tomorrow!

James is off to Virginia for the week-end. He's playing a festival there. Summer festival season is starting up! Dori and I are going to his music class, grocery shopping, brunch with friends on Saturday and on a couple walks. He seems to be tolerating the stroller again so I'm trying to get some walks/jogs in while I can. I start a 3 week pre-nursing program on Monday and James, my parents and friends in my moms' group will be watching Dori while I'm in class. Next week is also my last week at my's been a great place to work, but the commute is too far and James will be gone for much of the summer. Someone's got to watch the boy. I'm starting school on August 20th so couldn't have worked much longer anyway. I have loved working at the firm and have made some good friends there. I definitely plan on visiting from time to time!

'Nuff talking! Picture time!!!

From almost crawling (he was able to creep to the cabinet) to pulling himself up to standing! Amazing. Clever boy.

For the first time, I really see my mom's side of the family in Dori. His smile looks exactly like my mom's smile in photos of her when she was younger. Dori is slowly starting to look a little less like his Daddy, though he'll always be somewhat of a James-clone, I'm sure. His hair is getting blonde too. It will be really interesting to see what he looks like in a year.

There are pianists on both sides of the family so maybe this will end up being his calling.


Meng said...

Oh man, that's a cool piano. I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

The piano was a gift to Kelly from Helen and Swift Dickison. Helen and Swift lived in the house (both the big cottage and the downstairs where the Crocker's now live)prior to buying a house of their own and beginning their own family. Helen and Swift and children moved to Maryland about a decade ago. They were wonderful friends...Helen and I worked together as nurses for years. Helen also made Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls for Kelly which we will bring out for Dorian in a year or so.

CA Grandma